Hispanic Heritage - Imelda Tamales

🌟Savor the flavors of Mexico with Grant Recipient, Imelda Happy Tamales & Mexican Food! Discover the mouthwatering delights from this Hispanic and woman-owned business located in Phoenix, Arizona.

"As a result of receiving The Elevate Together Grant, more organizations decided to partner with us. But most importantly, I became a symbol of inspiration for other Latina entrepreneurs and invited them to participate in the second round of the Elevate Together Grant. And it was a highly rewarding experience knowing that some of them were selected," Imelda Hartley.

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Hispanic Heritage - TRMT Massage Therapy

🌸 Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by relaxing and rejuvenating at TRMT Spa, a company that provides therapeutic massages and wellness with rehabilitative exercises to lose weight and relieve chronic pain. Explore more at trmtmassagetherapy.com

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As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we stand behind our Grant Recipients and their incredible contributions to our communities.


Hispanic Heritage - Premiere Luxury

🏡 Discover Grant Recipient, Premiere Luxury Group RE/MAX Fine Properties! Your go-to destination for all things Real Estate.

"We must lift each other as we climb. Hispanic small business owners serve as role models for aspiring entrepreneurs, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and contribute to economic development ", Karen Arbelaez, Premiere Luxury Group.

Join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

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Millionaire Mastermind Academy Invests $30k Into Arizona Black-Owned Businesses

Original post via Black Enterprise by Iman Milner 

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy, a nonprofit organization that seeks to address the barriers to economic mobility for systemically underserved Black entrepreneurs, announced that it will give $30,000 in grants to small minority-owned businesses in Arizona.

According to Benzinga, Millionaire Mastermind Academy will partner with Elevate Together(R) powered by Round It Up America(R) to invest in the upward mobility of Black-owned businesses and the eradication of the ever-present racial wealth gap. “We are thrilled to partner with Elevate Together to offer grants to business owners within the Impact AZ Program, which is working to close the racial wealth gap through supplier diversity readiness technical assistance,” said Founder and CEO Dr. Velma Trayham. Through the partnership, Elevate Together continues its mission to help accelerate the creation, growth, and prosperity of Black- and Hispanic-owned small businesses through education, access, and aid.

The organization has been a longtime collaborator with the National Urban League‘s Entrepreneurship Centers and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy and Elevate Together will also have the corporate backing of The ODP Corporation—the parent company of Office Depot, ODP Business Solutions, Veyer, and Varis—which made an initial investment to help kickstart the initiative. “We’re excited to collaborate with the Millionaire Mastermind Academy to provide cash grants and certified small business mentors to help them elevate their business,” said Sharu Goodwyn, Community Investment Manager for The ODP Corporation. “With support from our associates, customers, community partners, and other like-minded businesses, we look forward to fostering additional opportunities for Black- and Hispanic-owned small business owners to innovate, grow, and prosper.”

To date, the Millionaire Mastermind Academy has supported 8,000 women through technical assistance and economic empowerment programs; while also having a committed focus on empowering minority entrepreneurs with professional networks and tools for sustained growth.

Hispanic Heritage - J Horta

🎉 Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month as we shine a spotlight on the incredible journey of J Horta Accounting & Taxes Inc. This company caters to diverse financial needs including, accounting, taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, and more.

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Hispanic Heritage - Christine Marie Lacayo LLC

🌟 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Grant Recipient Christine Marie Lacayo, LLC!

This company is dedicated to supporting mission-driven brands that are shaping a regenerative future for both our people and our planet. 🌍 Their passion shines through multicultural marketing. Bridging diverse communities together.

"Receiving a $5,000 grant in the middle of doing a Novena for Prosperity was INSANE. The funding helped me stay afloat when I left my full-time job. I was nervous about making ends meet and wondered if I could survive on freelance work. With the help of my mentoring sessions, I was able to significantly elevate my client base and hone in on the strategy and framework I use to help clients boost their content marketing. I was also able invest in the tools and resources I needed to provide an excellent client experience", Christina Marie Lacayo.

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NBBM - F&S Barber

🌟 Embracing Diversity, Creating a Lasting Influence! Help us celebrate F&S Barbers Academy a proud recipient of an Elevate Together grant. This impactful company is making a difference in their community through barbering and mentorship.

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NBBM HIGHLIGHT -Embassy interactive

🌟 Diverse Voices, Powerful Impact! Explore the story of Elevate Together Grant Recipient Embassy : Interactive a dynamic photography and video production company focused on serving small businesses, non-profit organizations, and creative minds.

"I am thankful to The Urban League of Philadelphia for nominating me to become an Elevate Together grantee. Outside of the financial support allowing me to advance further in my business, their support online has been great in introducing my company to a new audience, allowing me to learn of new minority owned businesses, and they have held great events to put myself and others in positions to potentially meet new clients along with providing business education tools." - Daniel Jackson, Embassy Interactive.

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NBBM HIGHLIGHT -Unbelieveganatl

🌟 Join us in celebrating National Black Business Month! Throughout August, we're thrilled to spotlight proud Black-Owned businesses and Elevate Together Grant Recipients. Today, let's shine a spotlight on Unbelievegan a truly remarkable business that specializes in creative menu items from different cultures with an authentically made plant-based spin.

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Elevate Together takes immense pride in supporting Black-owned businesses like Unbelievegan LLC through grant funds, mentorship, and valuable resources. We are committed to nurturing their growth and success as they continue to make a positive impact in their community.

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🎉 Empowering Black Entrepreneurs! At Elevate Together, we believe in uplifting Black and Hispanic owned businesses with grants that fuel innovation and success. Join us in celebrating grant recipient Sweet Ginger Browne. Their elixirs can be paired with sparkling water for an all-natural ginger ale, or as a flavor enhancer for still water, juice, smoothies, tea, coffee, and alcohol.

Discover their amazing business at sweetgingerbrowne.com
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