The Venture Mentoring Team (VMT) is the national mentoring partner in support of Elevate Together. Small Business grant recipients receive mentoring provided by certified Small Business Mentors. Mentors are trained to identify the needs of the small businesses and offer guidance towards growing the business according to the business owner’s desired goals.

Elevate Together small business grant recipients will:

  • Attend an Orientation Session
  • Complete a Small Business Self-Assessment
  • Attend at minimum Three Mentoring Sessions
    • Plan Agenda
    • Prepare Goals
    • Discuss Strategic Business Decisions

How Mentors Help

During a mentoring session, mentors listen to the goals and objectives of the business owner. The mentor team consists of two to five mentors for each small business. Each mentor provides subject matter expertise in their field of knowledge to support the small business’ growth.

Mentor meetings take place every three to four weeks, lasting an hour to two hours. The meeting is guided by the business owner’s agenda and goals to discuss with the mentors. Mentors will address the priorities of the business owners. These topics may include:



Cash Flow



Become an Elevate Together Mentor

Support Small Businesses by becoming a Certified Small Business Mentor. The Venture Mentoring Team (VMT) trains and certifies volunteers to use their professional business experience to help small business owners grow their businesses.

Who Can Become a Mentor

  • Leads with Altruism, Volunteer experience
  • Professional Business Knowledge or Subject Matter Expertise (Accounting, Marketing, Product Development, Human Resources, etc)
  • Previous experience owning a Business
  • Collaborative Team Experience

Steps to Become a Mentor

  • Complete a Registration Form 
  • A Program Coordinator will contact you to discuss next steps
  • For more information about the Venture Mentoring Team visit