Hispanic Heritage – Christine Marie Lacayo LLC

🌟 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Grant Recipient Christine Marie Lacayo, LLC!

This company is dedicated to supporting mission-driven brands that are shaping a regenerative future for both our people and our planet. 🌍 Their passion shines through multicultural marketing. Bridging diverse communities together.

“Receiving a $5,000 grant in the middle of doing a Novena for Prosperity was INSANE. The funding helped me stay afloat when I left my full-time job. I was nervous about making ends meet and wondered if I could survive on freelance work. With the help of my mentoring sessions, I was able to significantly elevate my client base and hone in on the strategy and framework I use to help clients boost their content marketing. I was also able invest in the tools and resources I needed to provide an excellent client experience”, Christina Marie Lacayo.

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